Backpacker Radio #184 | Andrew Skurka 4.0: Hunting, His Latest Gear Takes, and Gifting Chaunce a Trash Bag

Backpacker Radio #184 | Andrew Skurka 4.0: Searching, His Most Recent Equipment Takes, and also Gifting Chaunce a Trash Can

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio offered by The Expedition, we are signed up with once more by Andrew Skurka. In his 4th look on the program, we cover some undiscovered area below, consisting of an introduction of a directed journey from in 2014 that went much less than according to strategy, just how to finest precursor the climate for where you’re backpacking (and also why counting on journey records can be a blunder), his ideas on the Durston X-Mid, just how a person that resides in the flatlands ought to educate for a backpacking journey out western, why he had the ability to public relations his marathon time in his very early 40s (which is a handful of years past the conventional running prime) and also why he’s gifting Juliana a trash can. We additionally enter into why Andrew entered into searching, what pointers he has for brand-new seekers, equipment guidance, and also why he butchers his very own meat. Skurka’s episodes are constantly loaded with useful guidance for the backcountry and also this set is absolutely no exemption.

We cover the program with the leading shoes from the Appalachian Route in 2022, the three-way crown of pc gaming consoles, and also one of the most amazing point we’ve found out in the brand-new year.


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Meeting with Andrew Skurka

Time stamps & Concerns

00:05:25 – QOTD: What’s one of the most amazing point you’ve found out in the brand-new year?

00:10:49 – Pointers: Assistance us on Patreon! Badger Sponsorship goes real-time January 30!

00:13:20 – Presenting Andrew

00:14:27 – What have you depended on given that you were last on the program?

00:15:05 – Conversation regarding marathons and also athleticism

00:17:52 – Conversation regarding footwear modern technology, footwear for treking vs. running, and also footwear life size

00:23:18 – Will you be going with an additional individual document?

00:24:12 – Have you received any type of significant injuries associated with running?

00:24:50 – What’s your workout regimen?

00:25:37 – Inform us regarding the assisting year you had.

00:29:46 – Just how did you choose the optimal place within Olympic National forest?

00:32:13 – What section of the journeys were off route?

00:33:15 – Conversation regarding team characteristics and also responses to non-optimal journey problems

00:36:00 – What worked out on the journeys to the Olympics?

00:36:55 – Will you customize health and fitness assumptions for 2023 journeys?

00:39:25 – Any type of various other lessons from the 2022 session?

00:40:22 – Conversation regarding Skurka’s overviews

00:41:55 – What elements enter into a “excellent” assisting solution?

00:43:11 – What is your minimum limit for brand-new overview employs?

00:47:25 – Existed any type of standout brand-new hires from this year?

00:50:27 – Do you locate it testing to jump on path for individual factors?

00:53:04 – What do you see being even more sensible moving on: hiring the management side or the in-person assisting side?

00:55:43 – Just how do you suggest obtaining backcountry weather report?

00:59:53 – What do you think of the apple iphone satellite SOS interaction attribute?

01:03:31 – Did anything else appeared over this year that you’re actually thrilled regarding?

01:06:00 – Did you alter any one of your equipment this year?

01:07:20 – Conversation regarding the Durston X-Mid

01:09:00 – Conversation regarding DCF and also equipment enhancements

01:12:44 – Conversation regarding the life expectancy and also waterproofing of camping tents

01:16:00 – What’s one of the most underdeveloped item of equipment that home business are missing out on?

01:19:05 – What are your training pointers for individuals staying in low-elevation, level locations?

01:23:18 – Backpack rainfall cover or no cover?

01:27:00 – Zach & Chaunce’s equipment in time

01:27:44 – The number of bear safes can a ULA Driver fit?

01:28:38 – What was your passion for entering searching?

01:29:45 – Conversation of elk versus mule deer and also meat quantities

01:30:48 – Have you obtained pushback on searching from your fans?

01:32:47 – Conversation regarding elk herd monitoring in Colorado

01:35:35 – Conversation regarding butchering and also refining the elk meat

01:37:43 – Exists a disappear component of searching?

01:40:10 – Just how did you discover what to do?

01:46:40 – What are the opportunities of there being a Skurka led searching journey in the future?

01:48:40 – Do you have any type of sources to suggest?

01:50:04 – Have you had any type of amusing experiences with pets while searching?

01:52:14 – What materials are optimal for being peaceful and also unseen while searching?

01:53:00 – What lessons have you found out given that starting searching?

01:54:44 – Do individuals quest hill goats or huge horned lamb?

01:55:50 – What do you desire individuals to understand about the 2023 assisting period?

01:56:42 – Inform us regarding your scholarship program.


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