What's in My Backpack? My (Pre-Trip) AT Thru Hike Gear List

What remains in My Knapsack? My (Pre-Trip) AT Via Walk Equipment Listing

Disclaimers & Warnings

All of us recognize that the primary factor any individual troubles to check out pre-trip equipment listings is so they can slam somebody else’s equipment options. As well as by “they,” I indicate me. Certain, we may get some fantastic suggestions, yet primarily all of us intend to verify our very own equipment choices. That is why the net was created, besides. If you’re searching for far better recommendations on equipment, checked out a blog owner’s post-thru walk equipment checklist. I recognize I’ll have fine-tuned and also arranged my pack greater than a couple of times prior to I end up. Inspect back this be up to see which of my equipment made it right to Katahdin.

Yet that am I to tinker custom? So below goes…

Please be kind in the remarks and also bear in mind that although I’ve never ever thru treked the AT, I have actually been backpacking for 50+ years and also done a number of various other lengthy tracks in the previous ten years. My system helps me. I’ve checked out great deals of equipment. I’d like to hear your ideas, yet I’ll be treking my very own walk and also might differ. If you truly feel highly, please do not hesitate to mail me your preferred item of equipment (brand-new, obviously) and also I’ll enjoy to provide it a trial run. I’ll provide you a proclaim if I like it. Otherwise, I’ll offer it online and also maintain the money. In any case, thanks.

A Couple Of “Advised” Things I’m Not Bringing

Possibly it would certainly be extra intriguing to inform you what equipment I’m not bringing that gets on the ATC’s advised equipment checklist:

  1. Map & compass. Nope. That’s all on my apple iphone. If the phone passes away all of a sudden, I’ll adhere to the white blazes or one more walker. Or touch out utilizing my Garmin InReach Mini. As well as indeed, I recognize exactly how to utilize a paper map and also compass – I had half an occupation of area operate in exceptionally remote areas prior to mobile phones were created. I’ve carried on.
  2. Blaze orange vest. Does any individual in fact bring among those to maintain seekers from firing them? I believe my lime environment-friendly pack need to suffice.
  3. Flashlight. I’m thinking of among those mongo D-cell clubs that defeat polices made use of to continue their belts. I’ll be bring a UL (ultralight) headlamp, though I’ve done numerous journeys without one and also simply made use of the light on my apple iphone when I required it. Virtually, when it’s also dark to see, I’m in bed.
  4. Water-proof suits. I’ve never ever had much good luck with those. I bring 2 Bick lighter in weights, one in my cooktop bag and also one more securely stored with my evening equipment. Occasionally, I’ll have an added one in the emergency treatment set.
  5. Sunglasses. Admit it, after a couple of days you’ll have either damaged, scraped, or shed them. Or mistakenly rolled them up inside your outdoor tents and also squashed them after packing them right into the mesh pocket to maintain them secure. Otherwise, they will certainly either be also rainfall- or sweat-splashed to translucent. I’m trusting the lengthy environment-friendly passage and also 40 years under Arizona’s brighter sunlight to shield my eyes.

A Few Other Usual Things You Won’t Discover in My Load

The quickest course to lighter pack is to leave things you don’t truly require in the house. Right here’s my leave-at-home checklist:

  1. Video Camera. Changed by my apple iphone (Pro Max 14), which takes far better images than much of the fancier cams I made use of to bring. Additionally, it’s water-proof. Ish.
  2. Video Clip Camera/GoPro. It’s the same. When my partner neighbors and also I can slackpack, I may bring my drone for some airborne shots, as it evaluates much less than 2 extra pounds. Yet almost all my video clip and also stills will certainly be taken with my apple iphone. Some days, I’ll bring my mini-mikes to boost audio high quality, specifically on gusty heights.
  3. Publications (consisting of proof overviews). Changed by sound and also electronic publications on my apple iphone. Hmm, I’m picking up a motif below.
  4. Prepare Pot. My route dishes are all dehydrated/eat-in-the-bag kind (e.g., Hill Residence) or cool. I steam my water in my titanium mug. I’m no foody and also am unfazed by nutritional dullness. I’ll obtain my cooking selection in the area.
  5. Recipes. My only recipes are my Titanium mug and also cover for boiling water and also alcohol consumption tea, and also a plastic dish and also spoon for my immediate oat meal morning meal. I consume supper straight out of the plan.
  6. Meal Cleansing Set. Considering that my mug is just made use of for boiling water there’s no requirement to cleanse it. I clear out my oat meal dish with a sprinkle of warm tea and also a sheet of TP right after utilizing it … the dish, not the TP, certainly. I provide all a complete soapy scrub whenever I reach human being.
  7. Coffee Set. Ugh, no. The civil walker beverages tea. Stockpile Dual Seasoning Chai, to be exact. I’ve obtained a pot developing now. Yum.
  8. Feces, Chair, or Pad. Nope, yet I may give up and also bring a little square foam pad to remain on throughout breaks or around a campfire. In all my previous walkings, I’ve been all right resting on the ground. However, the majority of my walkings in the previous 40 years have actually remained in the dry Southwest. Treking on the stormy, sloppy, poisonous substance ivy- and also tick-infested East Coastline may need some behavior change.
  9. Cushion. I made use of blow up cushions for several years, yet I currently like to pack my additional garments in a little things sack and also usage that (which likewise maintains my garments cozy over night). My air cushions constantly handled to leave my nest and also wound up in a remote edge of the outdoor tents. Or they weren’t comfy sufficient for a side sleeper like me.
  10. Crocs/Camp Footwear. I recognize a great deal of walkers bring crocs or various other light-weight footwear for camp and also river crossings. While it is good to allow the pets take a breath at the end of the day, the weight/utility proportion simply doesn’t help me. And also, the AT doesn’t have that numerous rivers to wade, and also my quick-drying Altras aren’t that much larger or much less comfy than crocs.  (Pro Suggestion: Leave your footwear on yet take your socks off when wading a river. Unless they require cleaning. After you go across, relax and also saturate your feet in the great water prior to placing the socks back on.)
  11. Cotton. I won’t be bringing any kind of cotton plaid tee shirts, with apologies to Robert Redford’s Costs Bryson film closet. I counted 7 various ordinary tee shirts, and also often Redford used 2 at the same time.

The Equipment I Love – What I’ll Contend Springer Hill

Right here’s my equipment checklist. I really feel highly regarding a few of them, yet a few other I’d happily take into consideration upgrades.

  1. Outdoor Tents. I like a confined outdoor tents with a different fly as opposed to a hammock, tarpaulin, or bivy sack. I such as maintaining the insects out in addition to the far better air flow that includes a fly. I made use of to cowboy camp a whole lot, till I had some wild animals experiences I’d like not to repeat. As soon as, I got up to a prairie wolf standing on my ground fabric and also smelling my face. The shock was common, I’d like to believe, though I was the one that handled to regulate my bladder. Afterward, it was the friendlier end of a skunk. Normally, however, it’s attacking pests and also climate that makes me wish for a confined completely dry area. I’m presently utilizing a Hill Equipment UL2 free-standing outdoor tents I’ve had for regarding 8 years. It’s a little fight put on and also will most likely require substitute this year.  Despite the fact that I trek alone I like a UL2 (two-man outdoor tents) over a UL1 since I’m reasonably huge person, i.e., not one of the munchkins tentmakers utilize to identify outdoor tents ability, and also since I such as to maintain my equipment inside with me and also out of the climate.
  2. Load. I bring an Osprey Aether 70 Knapsack. I recognize it’s substantially larger than the UL loads, yet it is soooo comfy. As well as resilient. As well as packable. As well as changeable. And also, it irritates the UL group, which is an added reward. When I’m on the route, I’ll most likely blog regarding pack weight, since I recognize a person’s head is taking off now regarding my pack option. Did I state exactly how comfy my pack is? Idea so.
  3. Resting Bag/Pad. I like my Nemo Riff 15F down bag and also light-weight blow up pad (the huge one). I removed my UL rest system after a lot of agitated evenings and also a twelve o’clock at night discovery while treking the JMT. Resting convenience is vital to an excellent walk. You’ll invest 30-40% of any kind of backpacking journey depending on your outdoor tents, so make it as comfy as feasible.
  4. Oven. I utilize a little MSR pocket rocket isobutane/propane cooktop. It functions. Don’t overthink it. As well as no, cold-soaking my suppers or cool tea are merely not a choice.
  5. Treking Poles. Constantly. I can rarely count the moments my Black Ruby travelling posts (Light weight aluminum, External Bar Lock, Rubber take care of, steel ideas – and also indeed, I’m aware of the options) conserved me from face plants and also knee injuries. Mine are flexible and also a little hefty, yet I’m a huge person and also require durable greater than I require featherweight. I constantly maintain adequate air duct tape injury around the take care of for emergency situations, which includes in the weight, yet it has actually likewise conserved me greater than when. If it can’t be repaired with air duct tape and also superglue, it simply can’t be repaired.
  6. Water Filtration. I am presently checking out the Katadyn BeFree. We’ll see. In the past, I’ve made use of bleach, Iodine, Steri Pens, Life Straws, and also a host of various pumps, and also I’ve located something to despise in all of them.  Well, hate is such an unsightly word. Allow’s claim dissatisfied, as in, “I’m dissatisfied my purification system stopped working 2 days right into a 14-day journey.
  7. Garmin InReach Mini 2. I made use of to bring a rested phone for emergency situations, yet in between the erratic protection in deep canyons, the inadequate audio high quality, and also the cost, I located it tough to utilize. After that I located the much lighter and also extra dependable Garmin InReach Mini. It couple with my apple iphone to make keying messages and also utilizing map software application a lot easier. The Mini 2 has unbelievable battery life (10+ days) and also appears to send out messages quicker than the initial design. Free InReach to InReach texting is likewise a good perk. Absolutely worth the 3.5 ounces.
  8. Load Liners/Dry Bags. I constantly maintain my resting bag and also evening garments in a light-weight completely dry sack inside my pack, although I likewise utilize a pack cover when it rainfalls. Possibly it’s all my river running experience, yet I really feel far better recognizing that I have something completely dry to oversleep. I likewise such as to maintain my various other pack equipment in light-weight things sacks simply for the company.
  9. Electronic Devices. My devices consist of one rechargeable battery cell, ear shucks for audiobooks and also songs, and also a billing wire. I believe I’ll leave my light-weight solar pad residence from the lengthy environment-friendly (stormy) passage.
  10. Emergency Treatment Set. Mine contains some Advil, the air duct tape around my treking posts, a tick tweezers, some Dawn meal soap for poisonous substance ivy, a little tube of superglue, my bandanna, and also my Garmin InReach. It’s the AT, not the Alaskan Shrub. Aid is never ever that away. Oh, I likewise bring a healthy and balanced dosage of “You’re not 18 any longer, you idiot, don’t do anything dumb.” It took me extra years than it need to need to locate that, yet it’s maintained me out of problem because I did. Mainly.
  11. Miscellaneous. TP (1/4 roll), tooth brush (complete size), tooth paste (traveling dimension), plastic trowel, head internet (in pest period), head light, reviewing glasses, parachute cable & food bag (bear cannister where called for), 3-liter water bladder (seldom complete), and also my journal & pen (my dependency).
  12. Pee Container. Normally, it’s an utilized Gatorade container. I’m an old male, and also outdoor tents evenings can be long. Needing to leave the outdoor tents in the rainfall to clear the storage tank is among the primary methods resting bags and also completely dry garments splash. Pro Tips: (1) maintain the made use of container in the vestibule, not inside the outdoor tents, (2) identify it “DO NOT BEVERAGE” in huge block letters, and also (3) never ever, ever before leave it open and also complete on the outdoor tents flooring while you seek the cover.
  13. Deck of Cards. My various other deluxe product. Genuine cards, not those can’t-be-shuffled-or-dealt light-weight ones. You never ever recognize when you’ll fulfill a three-man team seeking a 4th for Euchre or Hearts.

My Closet

When it concerns garments, this is my packaging checklist. It differs a little bit by period, obviously:

  1. Footwear. I’m in the route jogger group and also have actually been because my 5-lb Raichle natural leather boots with the steel shank took a number of nails throughout a weekend break journey three decades back. I’m presently treking in Altra Olympus 5’s. They have a whole lot even more padding than the extra prominent Altra Lone Peaks, which I used for a number of years. I believe the Lone Peaks added to my Achilles tendonosis, yet thus far, the Olympus 5’s have actually done right by my ankle joints. I’ve made use of brand names I suched as much better in the past, yet those producers have actually quit making dimension 15’s, so my options are restricted.  Also Altra ran out dimension 15’s throughout 2022’s supply chain lacks, yet I’ve stockpiled. My Altras are expensive and also not that resilient (~400 miles on Arizona’s rough tracks), yet pleased feet are just one of things worth spending for. (1 set on me, 5 back-ups waiting in the wings). If any individual from Hoka reads this, I’d like to provide your Speedgoats a shot.
  2. Socks. I’ve been using Injinji toe sock linings and also Darn Hard woollen socks (both team size) for several years and also never ever had a sore, as long as I maintain my feet tidy. Dust or sand grains in between the toes equates to instantaneous sores. I constantly bring additional set of tidy, completely dry socks to turn with the unclean ones. Tidy, cosy socks are constantly worth the weight. (1 set each on me, one more in the pack)
  3. Columbia Quick Drying Long Trousers (1 set, not zip-off). Those zippers constantly aggravate my legs, and also in all the years I used them, I never ever when troubled to transform them right into shorts. Lengthy trousers assist maintain the ticks and also poisonous substance ivy away and also get rid of the requirement for sun block.
  4. Ex-spouse Officio Fighters. Finest underwears I’ve ever before treked in. No chaffing, marginal odor. (1 set, plus an added for journeys longer than 4 days)
  5. Under Shield Dry Fit Tee Shirt Base Layer (1). The objective below is to maintain the have an odor in the base layer. In theory feasible, much less so in method.
  6. Columbia Long-Sleeve Quick Dry T Shirt (1). Lengthy sleeves assist maintain the ticks and also poisonous substance ivy away and also get rid of the requirement for sun block. We’ll see exactly how they operate in the mid-Atlantic summertime moisture. Switch down collar since that’s my groove.
  7. REI Long-Sleeve Polyfiber T Shirt (1, winter just). I’ve had this tee shirt for a years and also it’s the bomb. Long lasting, great, cozy, and also oh so trendy. It vanished for a couple of years right into my child’s washing stack, yet just recently made a return. REO no more makes it, and also the ones that changed aren’t fairly the exact same.
  8. Hill Equipment Lightweight Fleece (1). My cozy layer for nights in camp and also for cool days while strolling.
  9. REI Down Puffy (1). For truly cool nights and also pre-breakfast early mornings, and also periodically for sub-freezing resting.
  10. Light-weight Polyfiber Handwear Covers (1 set, winter just). Wonderful to have them when you desire them and also just ounces when you don’t. Additionally good for managing my titanium mug when it’s warm.
  11. Outdoor Research Study Rainfall Hat (1). Once more, among my veteran buddies. This person maintains me cozy and also completely dry and also supplies color and also sunlight defense as needed. A completely dry head is a delighted head.
  12. REI Rainfall Coat (1, zippered with hood). A should have, yet primarily for camp. Unless it’s cool or truly stormy, I can typically trek myself completely dry with temperature. Mine is water-proof. No truly, not one of those worthless water “immune” cloths some suppliers fool you right into purchasing.
  13. Marmot Rainfall Trousers (1 set). I just utilize them as rainfall trousers while treking throughout driving rainstorms when its listed below 50F. Or else, they’re also warm. Yet they create helpful camp trousers when whatever else is damp. Or for downstairs protection on washing day.
  14. Nightwear (1 each) polyfiber long johns leading & lower, woollen socks, equipping cap. I’ve oversleeped this outfit for several years. It maintains me cozy throughout the cool evenings, maintains my skin from staying with the resting pad, and also changes my resting bag throughout the warmer evenings.

As Well As the Genuine Factor Any Individual Has Check Out This Far…

My base weight is 22.8 extra pounds.

Cause the hate. In my protection, I’ll be bring it, not you, so kick back and also take a deep breath. We’ll both be great.

I’ve lugged that base weight (or far more) for a number of thousand miles of backpacking journeys. I recognize what it seems like. As well as indeed, I’m aware of and also have actually attempted a number of UL knapsacks. I didn’t like them.

And also, 23 extra pounds stands for much less than 10% of my body weight and also much less than half the weight I’ve shed (thus far) getting ready for my thru walk.

Yet if we need to have the base weight conversation, allow’s have it on a chilly, stormy evening while I’m cozy, completely dry, and also consuming a warm dish. We can review the disagreement on a long, grueling hill climb if you like and also possibly after that we’ll see each various other’s viewpoint extra plainly.

That’s all I’ve obtained.  See you on the route.

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